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    Sep 10, 2014

    I took the computer based Core Math test today. I wanted to give my personal experience, as this is a fairly new test for a lot of states.

    My personal test started hour late, due to computer issues at the location. :rolleyes: It's the location for all the tests I have to take, so I'm hoping they don't have this issue a lot. Anyway. . .

    It was the 56 questions in 85 minutes. There is an onscreen calculator, which was fairly helpful at some points. The ETS Practice tests was somewhat helpful, but not as helpful as I had hoped. My big compliant about the test is that some questions were worded in a very confusing manner. :huh: I can't go into more, but I would say: read questions carefully.

    Also, my score didn't appear at the end of the test. I have to wait two weeks for the results! I'm on pins until then.

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