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Discussion in 'General Education' started by mathmagic, Dec 1, 2013.

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    Dec 1, 2013

    Sometime soon I'll be taking over for a teacher going on maternity leave in a split upper elementary grade level classroom. I know that, especially given that there will be about 2 weeks before winter break, that I'll be treating it similar to the sub jobs I have previously - following the same exact rhythm as she had and only making ever-so-slight changes.

    However, I did want to do at least one writing/art project of my own design, specifically related to the maternity leave. I was thinking about having the kids do a short expository piece of writing about a few ways in which they believe their original teacher will be / is a great mother (second kid) or having them create children's books either individually or in small groups.

    The former idea would allow me to gain somewhat of an assessment of where their writing is and how they are with the writing process (in the sub jobs I've had in the classroom, I have noticed that some of the writing doesn't seemed planned well, but naturally haven't seen the entire process they go through). The latter idea might allow us to do a study of other children's books, determining the characteristics of a good children's book, and then would also allow for some obvious art connections.

    What do you think? (so nervous about taking over...I'll probably start posting like crazy over here for support/ideas..sorry!:p)
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    I would probably stay away from having the children write about their teacher as some of them may have great things to say while others might not be able to write anything.

    I like the idea of creating a children's book as long as it fits with the curriculum you are teaching and the standards that are to be taught.

    It is so hard to take over a maternity leave because you may not be aware of what standards have been taught and mastered, which children are continuing to work on what, and what still needs to be taught.
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    I agree with children's book how cute. You could do some for baby & some for other child so they don't feel left out....

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