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Discussion in 'Special Education' started by emmalux, Apr 16, 2011.

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    Can someone explain to me the Match Card System and where do you get the cards? I teacher kiddos ages K-5 with autism and Mod. disabilities. Would this be appropriate?
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    Match cards are an independent work/direct teach system dreamt up by the genius teachersk from this forum. She posted a lot of pictures and information about them last year and I have taken them and run. They work SO WELL for my kids (self-contained k-5 students with ASD). I am sure they would be appropriate for your kids.

    The premise is simple: almost any skills can be broken down into basic matching. Since most kids with ASD "get" matching and learn well through visual support and repetition, you can teach them new skills by matching anything!

    My lowest kids can all match identical pictures or symbols, so we started from there. Just some of the THOUSANDS of examples:

    -match identical letters/numbers/words - prereading
    -match letters/numbers/words of different fonts/colors
    -match picture to word, Edmark style
    (I have one kids that has learned to read over 300 words this way!)
    -match numbers and sets
    -match coins and amounts
    -count coins and match to a "price"
    -match prices in different formats (written as $0.50 and 50 cents)
    -match temperatures and appropriate clothing to wear...

    the list goes on and on.

    The way this works in my classroom is this: When I first teach the skill, we may have a group lesson on the SMARTboard. Then I work 1:1 or in small groups with kids teaching them to match discrete trial style. When they master the skills with me, it goes into their independent work boxes for them to practice.

    Each kid has between 3 and 6 match card boxes (I have one student that also has traditional TEACHH style work boxes also - he has numerous fine motor challenges and is working toward being able to clip cards and stuff envelopes). When they do their independent work, they use a TEACHH work system to find the box number they need, bring it to their work stations, and match their cards, either holding two index cards together with a clothespin or paperclip, or matching index card to an envelope.
    When they are done, they bring an "I'm done" icon from their PECS books to me or my paras to get their work checked. We have very simple data sheets to document the skills and what percentage they got correct on their own.

    Usually I leave the same work in for them all week and we change out on Fridays, unless they are at 100 percent mastery 3days in a row.

    It is a GENIUS system. It completely eliminates fine motor challenges associated with written work. It is functional and looks more age appropriate. It is super easy and cheap to whip out new cards if they get destroyed/crunkled. You can make them on the fly.

    You make the cards yourself. You can use cut up worksheets, stickers, or just write them yourself. The really cool thing is that you can also make them on a printer!! All the cards you saw in the photos I made myself using an index card template teachersk shared with me last year.

    I have pictures of how this works in my classroom. If it would be helpful for you to see, let me know and I will post them. I also have approximately 736254 sets of match card files already made on my computer - if you would like me to send you any, pm me your email and let me know what skill(S) you'd like.

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    would this work with autism high school sped ---

    with severe autism --

    they do this as independent work????

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