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Discussion in 'General Education' started by runsw/scissors, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Mar 20, 2016

    I am not sure where to put this thread. It's not a teaching question I have, more like a student question. I am looking at masters programs as I think it is time to consider furthering my degree. I currently hold a B.S. in Elementary Ed. and have some graduate hours I have picked up here and there from workshops I've attended and from getting my ELL endorsement. I have been teaching ELL students at the elementary level for a couple years in my current district and thoroughly enjoy it. I have been surfing the websites of different schools offering Masters of Ed. programs and think something with an ELL emphasis would be a good fit, but I really don't even know what to consider or look for when trying to choose a program or school other than would the district approve it. Costs, credentials or the program, distance learning (or not), etc. What should I be paying attention to? How do I narrow down the choices to one or two? What has been your experience with different kinds of programs?
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    I'm dabbling in this right now. Costs, credentials, and the nature of the program are all good things.

    I've narrowed it down to: what interests me that will probably help in my career and what will fit into my life (the aforementioned fit into this).
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    I'm currently contemplating furthering my education as well and pursuing a Master of Education in Elementary Education, Teacher Licensure this Summer! I would be pursuing my Master's degree and teacher certification in Elementary Education at the same time! :) I've been out of school for 5 years and I'm really thinking hard about starting a Master's program. I would still be able to get a temporary certificate and teach in the classroom while I finish school, which would be about 21 months, and I would be able to complete my student teaching component in my own classroom as well (there would be an appeals process I would need to go through before that time)! :) I'm really excited about starting this, but I'm also considering tuition. Now, I've also looked at other Master's programs and this seems like a good choice for me (GCU), since their school works closely with the Florida Department of Education. I would love to know what others thoughts are regarding this. Would this be a good choice for me since my undergrad degree isn't in elementary education or should I wait a few years down the line? I'm praying heavy about this! I appreciate any suggestions!! :)
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    For me, I would be considering these things in this order:
    1. Cost, including whether I can get the cost deducted directly from my paycheck, which is sometimes a thing
    2. Time, including how long it will take me to complete the program
    3. Programs, including whether any of the programs offered would allow me to move up the salary schedule and/or into a more desirable position in the future

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