March 14, 2018

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    Mar 14, 2018

    May today be a day that makes a difference. May today not become a day of division, not be a day of red versus blue, but become a day of purple, all working together for the cause of safety. May today be a day of understanding, students, teachers, administrators, government workers, listening to each other, respecting each other, appreciating each other. May all who wish to, be enabled to join in--those with differing abilities who may need assistance in participating will have the support of fellow students. And may today be a day of growth.

    I often hear it asked, what can kids do to make a difference? Often overlooked is the most important duty for kids that will make a gigantic difference. The number one duty for children and teenagers is to grow. They need to grow physically strong and healthy in order to be capable as an adult to make a difference. They need to grow intellectually; to read in order to understand the world and to think critically, so they are not simply swayed by the loudest speaker but search for the quiet voice of wisdom; to study and apply mathematics so that they are not fooled by deviled data and statistics but instead are able to advance understanding; to study and experiment in science so as not to be fooled by those who say, "Well, everyone knows this", and discover what nobody knows as yet; to learn how our system of government operates--there are adults I meet who think the president is the king--there are adults I meet who think we are actually ruled by a secret society that nobody knows about (except them, of course); learning now is what kids can do to make a difference later as grownups. And finally, they need to grow socially; what would happen if most or even all of the students in a school learned to care about, respect, and befriend every student in the school? What would happen if students learned to listen to each other, respect and appreciate differences among each other, not just toleration but friendship? This current task of growth is mighty, but it's mightily important. This generation has that possibility to be the next generation of might. Are you up to the task? I, for one, think so!
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