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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by J. A., Sep 22, 2018.

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    When I was a kid, I was notorious for losing pencils (elementary school). I remember in 2nd grade, my mom would send a sealed envelope with pencils in it. The teacher would keep it in her desk and I would have to ask for a pencil at the start of the day and turn it back into her at the end of the day (we didn't' change classes in 2nd grade). When it got too dilapidated to use, etc, I got a new one.

    That poor teacher!!
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    My school does not allow them to have their phones. Which is actually frustrating when I want to utilize tech in the classroom. I have to get special permission or I get in trouble.
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    Right, but also I personally wouldn't want to handle a student's phone because they are liable to say the teacher damaged it in some way. Then, the teacher would be liable.
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    My situation is similar. I pick up the pencils off the floor, put them in a leave one, take one location and for the most part, that takes care of things. Also, I have a box of golf pencils. So, generally, I'm not directly involved.

    In the bigger scope of things, that lack of preparation often shines in all they do. I'm trying to get them to think in terms of being ready to learn. When the bell rings, you should be in a "ready to learn" position, not still grabbing something from your backpack, chatting with your friends, and begging to go to the locker, restroom, wherever, to avoid being marked late because you checked in with me first. Honestly, I don't mind forgetfulness. I do mind the regular and general lack of focus on what we are trying to achieve. This is the mindset I'm working on, and have made some real inroads, thankfully. For me, it's the focus, not the pencil, although one can indicate the other.

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