Mamma Mia, the Musical (American Tour)

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    Hey guys,

    I just watched the American Tour of ABBA's musical Mamma Mia. This version was the best of the Mamma Mia performances that I have ever watched on the stage. It even beat the original Broadway casting in my opinion. The performers will keep you in stitches too. I watched the performance at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood earlier this week. The whole theatre gave the performers a standing ovation when the entire show ended. If you love the music of ABBA, you will be blown away by Mamma Mia, the Musical. It's probably the best way to give tribute and the meaning of ABBA's songs to us die-hard fans. The story that was made into the songs make it such a fun, funny, and moving tribute to ABBA's music. If you even get a chance to see the musical, you are very lucky. It's worth every penny I paid to see it. Don't wait, get to see it when you can.


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