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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by Camel13, Oct 12, 2018.

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    so my principal wanted me to apply for this makerspace praogram and they chose me to be an ambassador who encourages fellow teachers to utilize makerspace and charges me with spending $300 in makerspace tools and products. Problem is I only learned what makerspace is from my teaching program in college five years ago. They want me to spend money soon, but I have no idea what to invest in. Some people say you can just buy a bunch of cheap supplies like popsicle sticks and pipecleaners or I could get six makey makeys. Suggestions from anyone actively using makerspace? I an a 6-12th science teacher.
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    Makey makeys are fun and an investment and I would get those over things like popsicle sticks and cheap supplies because they are non consumables. Do you have the laptops to support the use of the makey makeys?
    Something else I use a lot in stem projects are hot glue guns so you may want to get those too. Generally, non consumables are a better use of money than consumables.

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