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Discussion in 'General Education' started by cutNglue, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Not all schools have the right attitude, training or resources to handle special needs. I'm particularly frustrated this year because I get the distinct impression that my son's new school feels like it is about parenting (in spite of the millions of papers about other things) but more importantly I feel they focus on reactive responses/strategies and the problems. I keep telling them I want to see PROACTIVE/PREVENTIVE strategies.

    I feel they do listen. They are trying. They added changes we specifically asked for. I just feel like the thinking kind of stops there.

    But never fear! I found some great stuff tonight! I was going through my son's old records and new records and looking for gems and patterns. I found something on an old BIP from an alternative school that was PERFECT! It includes a section on Preventive Strategies! The categories are broken down by:
    Environmental Factors
    Physiological Factors
    Emotional Factors
    Situational Factors
    Curriculum & Instruction

    I planned to show the team this tomorrow but at the last minute I decided to try my hand at making one. As I was going through all these lengthy reports that were conducted in the process of renewing eligibility, I found TONS of stuff written specifically for the classroom by the Psychiatrist, School Counselor, last year's Classroom Teacher (school next door) and a few from that old BIP I am referring. I was able to write TWENTY-SEVEN GEMS for them to consider and broken down by additional categories.

    Seating, Visual Aids, Attention Getting Strategies
    Physical Activity, Nourishment, Breaks
    Positive Peer Support, Building Self-Esteem, Therapeutic Interventions and Adult Support
    Consistent Routines and Advanced Notification
    ***Curriculum & Instruction
    Reducing Complex Info, Task Assistance & Frequent Check-Ins, Support Materials and Note-Taking

    I also love the support language in these documents!

    So now instead of feeling upset and anxious, I feel ready and I have something positive to contribute. (I also wrote notes and asked another teacher to help me find areas that need a bit tweaking on the BIP Draft).

    I know this is such a conflicted post. It has negative and positive stuff. Believe it or not, I do feel better! At least we have a good direction to go in!
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    Nov 16, 2011

    Sounds good, cut!

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