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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Kodie, Oct 31, 2015.

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    Oct 31, 2015

    First any and all help will be welcome. I am I guess a third year first time teacher. Situation:

    Originally hired at start of 4th quarter to replace a teacher who couldn't handle the classroom (5th/6th)

    Year 2 My first full year teaching stumbled a bit but felt semi confident had some trouble with communicating with parents but overall did o.k.

    Year 3 Pushed up to middle school (7th/8th) and the middle school does a lot of project based learning, I also teach math, science, health, PE, (getting out of that start of 2nd quarter PE that is). I team teach with a teacher who had taught English in Japan but is not a licensed teacher (we work in private school). She grew up going to this school and her mom is in the administration. I feel very much like she judges me constantly and doesn't have my back in anything. Has even contradicted me in front of students (which it turned out I was right). Since the onset of this year I have felt overwhelmed, paranoid, horribly under qualified, and harassed by administration. Prior my experience in this school had been wonderful.

    I should note that I don't have a strong background in Math. Obviously I did college math but, I feel very ignorant in the math I teach in Middle School. (I am learning every lesson about a week in advance.) I feel like I have forgotten everything I did in college, how to write curriculum, how to put together a rubric etc. etc. I am feeling so lost and overwhelmed. I'm thinking about leaving. On top of all of this I am now having licensing issues. I have never had a mentor teacher and was just thrown in and it was sink or swim. I need help.
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    Oct 31, 2015

    If this other teacher has more experience than you, I would defer to her just to keep the peace.

    She may be better connected than you in the school (if her mom is admin) and starting a fight is only going to harm you, even if you're right.

    Pull her aside, and have a word with her telling her that since she is more experienced in this grade-level, you feel more comfortable looking to her for learning the ropes. That will reduce the judging you feel, because you're now someone who is learning from her (even if you know more than her); teachers are less likely to judge their students if they know they're just learning.

    This will also put the onus on her of having to design and teach the lessons, and relieve some of your stress. While that's going on, you can get back on your feet and adjust more easily to this grade-level change.

    I'm making some assumptions that you both teach at the same time in the same classroom, and I could be wrong, but I would just appease her if I were in your shoes.
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    Oct 31, 2015

    That sounds incredibly stressful. I agree with Peregrin that you should give the other teacher the lead in building the curriculum and taking control of the classroom, since it sounds like she may have more experience. It may be good to mention to her that you've never had a mentor teacher, and you'd like to learn from her in a similar way.

    The hierarchy at work may be obnoxious, but it is what it is.

    Teaching is a difficult profession, especially without the right guidance. Just do what you can and learn as you go. You're definitely not alone in feeling underprepared and undersupported. Only you will know if you need to quit, or if you can keep chugging on. Best of luck with everything. :)
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    Oct 31, 2015

    Wow. In my district, an employee could not be supervised by his/her relative. For example, my mom and I would never be placed at the same site because I'm an administrator and she's a teacher. Definitely a conflict of interest.

    Is this a private school?

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