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    May 31, 2003

    Hey all, my last day is June 6. I want to do something special with my kids but not a --'you're off I won't be teaching you again type of thing' Just recently I found out that I will have the unique opportunity to loop with my current second graders up to third grade. All parents are on board with the idea. I'm nervous (never teaching third grade before), but excited (with 11 years teach. experience it's time for a new challenge). Our school does not normally do the looping thing, it just worked out that we needed one less 2 teacher and 1 more 3rd teacher.. well here I am. I am aware of many of the advantages, but if anyone has websites, references, ideas, thoughts, anything on the subject I would love to her it ALL!!!! I don't know if I will ever have this rare opportunity again and I want to do everything I can to take advantage of this situation
    Thank you!;)
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    Hi Deko9!

    I loop from 1st to 2nd with my class. I really love the experience of having the same children for 2 years. You will not believe how easy the transition will be next year. At the end of my first year with the children, we reflect on all of the things we have learned throughout the year. We make a "remember when..." book and also talk about setting goals for the next year. We also make a list of books to read over the summer and that type of thing. We also talk about things we want to do next year (for example, one child really wanted to make sure he got to know another child better the next year)It is such a good feeling when they walk out on the last day of school to know that you will have them all back together shortly.

    One of the things I really worried about on my first loop was if the child who drove me crazy that year would still get under my skin the next year. Surprizingly, he didn't!
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    Jun 3, 2003

    Hello! I loop from 2nd to 3rd at my school. This is my 8th year to teach. This year I will be going down to 2nd to begin my 3 go around. I can't tell you how much I love doing this! You have 1 entire year to mold your students and parents into what you want and that makes the 2nd year fly by. You know where your students are and who they are and what they need from day one of the 2nd year that you have them. You have the advantage over all the others who have to take the 1st six weeks getting to know their students and what they need. You are less stressed about getting a new class and day one of 3rd grade we are working in my classroom. Being in Texas, we have to be so prepared for TAKS! I wish you luck and maybe you will like it so much that you create a new thing for your school district!!!! It is so good for the kids. Alot of them need that stability, I know it works great at LaVega Elementary. We have 6 looping classes here and we all love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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