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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Pi-R-Squared, Mar 29, 2014.

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    From working, I mean I can reasonably keep the kids in their seats and working on math problems, math problems, and more math problems. I can type up the definitions that I want them to write down in my presentation so I'm not turning my back much. I can modify example problems by cutting and pasting individual steps and showing them one at a time.... I can then assign "On Your Own" problems for practice and then more practice problems at the end of lessons. And then the cycle repeats itself and I think I'm OK with this procedure but I just wonder how long until my students get tired of the same-old predictable routine... I think I found something that seems to work but won't kids catch on sooner or later? :help:
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    I knew it would work!

    It's not something the kids would 'catch on', because it's not a gimmick or trick. You're using a very good instructional tool, it provides visuals for students. Think of the visual learners, slow workers, and special needs students who need something to look on. There are students wit auditory processing issues. Powerpoint works with that.

    Do you know how much energy and talking I saved when a student asked me something, and instead of re-explaining it, I just scrolled back up to that slide.

    Since you have the projector, it doesn't always have to be Powerpoint, you can put up a word document, etc. With math, I'm sure it's hard to type some of the things, but you find documents on the web already formatted, etc.
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    You might also consider getting a tablet, so that you can write instead of having to copy/paste. I have one (a Wacom Bamboo). It plugs in via USB and I while I'm presenting, I can circle words, write additional information, etc. The pen works also as a mouse so I have a lot more functionality and can switch programs, etc.

    I even bought the add-on wireless component so that I don't have to be connected to the laptop - I can stand toward the back of the room and still manipulate the computer.

    It might help you to show math steps, etc. And if you're able to stand behind or among the students, it really helps keep them in line. :)

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