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    I am a new Physics teacher and am looking for any good resources/materials to use in my class, particularly for the unit of Electricity and Magnetism. I have been using some resources from Better Lesson and Teachers Pay Teachers, but there are very few resources available for this new unit. This is my school's first Physics class so we don't have any established resources, nor a surplus of materials to do a lot of labs. Also, I am getting tired of doing basically just notes in my classes so anything that branches out from that would be even better. All of my students have chromebooks, so anything with the computers would be great to. Please let me know if anyone has resources they would be willing to share or if they could point me in the right direction so I can help instruct my students better!

    Kyle Yost
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    If you have not found the Phet simulations (https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulations/category/physics) you can start here.
    There are other online simulations available, but I haven't used them.

    You can also check out the modules at https://www.edx.org/course/apr-physics-2-challenging-concepts-davidson-next-phy2apccx-0. My AP Physics 1 students are assigned modules and they include problem solving and simulations (at least in the AP Phys. 1 course).

    One thing I have done since starting an AP Class is offer ranking task activities. These can lead to some pretty good class discussions.

    You can also find some video demonstrations and problem solving with the following sites that I like to use as homework (via edpuzzle.com):
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    Have you started collecting materials for labs? Computer simulations and lessons will become more meaningful when students have opportunities to follow-up with investigations of their own. Perhaps you can ask students/parents to contribute to your lab supply cabinet: different kinds of wire, light bulbs, unwanted lamps and electric motors, switches, circuit boards, magnets, compasses, etc. You can also approach places like Home Depot to ask for a donation to your program - draft an introductory letter for your principal to sign.
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    I highly recommend the phet simulations beccmo has suggested!

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