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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Bcab, Apr 29, 2019.

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    Apr 29, 2019

    We are relocating to Texas (so excited!) and I am currently in a program to obtain my initial teaching certification. I already have my Bachelor's degree. I am interested in working with children in small groups/one-on-one focusing on reading skills. I am considering getting Dyslexia training as I heard there is big need for Dyslexia teachers. I have also considered becoming a Reading Specialist. Every state differs as far as job duties and qualifications and I am a little confused with my online search, so I am hoping you can help me clarify these titles and what the qualifications and job duties look like in Texas:
    Reading Specialist
    Master Reading Teacher
    Supplemental Reading Teacher
    Reading Interventionist

    Thank you so much for your help!!
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    I am sure that some Texas teachers will chime in, but it never hurts to recommend contacting the Texas state Department of Education directly, especially since it sounds like you are still adding coursework. You want to make sure that what you take is what TEA needs to see on a transcript. My son does hold Texas certificates, so I have had dealings with them a few years back. I seem to remember that they wanted to evaluate the transcript before giving meaningful recommendations, which is OK, because you will eventually you will get to that stage anyway. Just in case you haven't been in contact with them yet, I will share: https://tea.texas.gov/
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    Texas teacher here!

    Reading interventionist positions usually want 3-5 years experience as a reading teacher. Dyslexia is a bit more gray if you have the training but it depends on the district. Your best bet is to search from ELA positions and get the experience whle getting the dyslexia training (which you will most likely get while a classroom teacher).

    I was sent to the region dyslexia 3-5 day training because I had dyslexic students and with the numbers the actual dyslexia specialist couldn't schedule them in so during my intervention block I had to do their dyslexia intervention program.

    Reading Specialist/Master Reading Teacher - same thing and typically the same training. The position would be called the Reading Specialist. Many times, this is the ELA curriculum specialist for the school.

    Supplemental Reading Teacher/Reading Interventionist - same thing and typically the same training. This would be the pull out reading teacher for students below grade level during an intervention block. These teachers typically have been reading/ELA teachers for 3-7 years at the most.

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