Looking For: Critical/Humanist Educators in Akron Area

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    Sep 5, 2006
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    Sep 5, 2006

    I would like to connect with the following:

    1: A network of teachers in Akron/NE Ohio that adopt a humanistic/critical approach to pedagogy to whom the works of Apple, Freire, McLaren, Giroux, maybe even Marx, influence their approach to teaching.

    2: Individual teachers who understand what I'm getting at.

    Why? I'm an older graduate student with very clear notions about pedagogy. In a year I need to student teach and I would very much like to work with someone working from a similar ideological framework. Someone who understands the function of education in the transmission of cultural capital, civic religion, dominant culture, and the hegemonic nature curriculum.

    Unfortunately, at least in NE Ohio, such teachers seem to be non-existant and I've had enough behaviorism to last quite some time.

    Thank You,

    PS: Please reply to johnnygofaster (AT) gmail (DOT) com (trying to creatively work around the e-mail address restriction) with something in the subject about pedagogy. Thanks!
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