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Discussion in 'Elementary Education Archives' started by TeachGrd1, Jan 17, 2006.

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    I am a new teacher currently teaching first grade. The year has been great so far. I love being in the classroom and I am seeing so much progress in my students.

    This brings me to the issue I am currently having with one student. The student is very bright, but has some serious emotional concerns. I will call the student "Jane". Jane has a very difficult time working with other students. Any amount of stimulatioin causes her to stem by pulling her hands, shaking her body and making odd facial expressions. Jane has a stress ball and a stimulation pillow to try to help with these issues. She used to recieve extra help for a subject, but graduated out of the program. She thrived in that enviornment of 4 other students. Recently Jane has been exhibiting very aggressive behavior. She refuses to work, slams her head on things and has had to be carried out of the room by the counselor multiple times. Throughout the past months Jane has been seen by a psychiatrist for Hallucinations. She is often talking to a person that isn't actually there and she has even asked her mom to cut her, so she doesn't have to live. This student is very unpredictable. She will go from a smile to an episode with no warning. Her episodes are becoming more and more extreme. She is in the process of being tested for an IEP, and now I have to keep her in the classroom even when she is having episodes(until the IEP is concluded). This situation is extremely difficult. I am having to write nearly 6 pages a day to document her behavior, and I can not say anything to her unless she is doing something positive. She doesn't have to complete her work or even go to her other classes. If she chooses to sit and do nothing, or roll around the floor and suck her thumb, I have to let her go and ignore it. I also have to make sure the other students ignore it. We just put her on a token system for positive behaviors. I am so stressed out over all of this. I feel like the student is so unpredictable and I so badly want to help her. I would appreciate any advice anyone has. I would be interested in hearing from anyone dealing with students with mental disorders(she recently was put on a serious antipsychotic medication and an antidepressant).
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    My best suggestion for a nearly impossible situation is for the Other Students' parents to complain higher up. The problem with this is that you CANNOT tell them to do this. I would encourage parents to volunteer and they will see first hand that this child is impacting their child's education. There are so many laws protecting special needs kids. What about regular average kids? It seems like no one cares about their rights anymore.

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