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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Pencil Monkey, Jul 27, 2010.

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    I did an inservice one a few years ago that had a cute activity. I'm trying to find a copy of it and I seem to have lost the directions. You end up making a bracelet based on your personality and answering the questions. For each question that applies to you, the directions are to string a bead of the corresponding color. For example, kinestetic questions are yellow, visual questions are blue, etc.

    Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Thanks.
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    Jem just posted something about kinesthetic questions being yellow on the multiple intelligences thread that is on here now. She has a MI activity for the students on her website- it sounds like that might be it.
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    Getting to Know You Necklace

    This sounds a bit like something I've done with my students, though not quite. for about the past 5 years, at the beginning of the school year they make a "Getting to Know You Necklace". I can't post anything yet, but there was a form that was created for them where they answer the questions about themselves to select the beads they need.

    Just to see if this might be what you're looking for here's the first part of the activity:
    The chart below tells you what each color bead means. Read the chart carefully and choose your beads.
    RED – if you are a girl
    BLUE – if you are a boy
    ORANGE – how many sisters you have
    GREEN – how many brothers you have
    WHITE – how many pets you have
    BLACK – how many different elementary schools you have attended
    YELLOW – if you like reading (0=don’t like, 1=a little, 2=a lot)
    PURPLE – if you like math (0=don’t like, 1=a little, 2=a lot)
    SPORTS ~ pick 1 bead to show which sport you like the best
    SMILEY FACES – if you like ___ grade (0=don’t like, 1=a little, 2=a lot)

    I had quite an accumulation of beads, so I sometimes switched out the colors.

    After they have answered all the questions I give them a baggie and they go get the beads they need and put it all together.

    Once everyone has their necklaces made, they answer some questions about each other using the beads as their clues.

    I'm pretty sure you can track it down if you google "Getting to Know You Necklace"

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