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Discussion in 'Special Education' started by Roobunny, Sep 13, 2014.

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    A brief background: This is my third year at my current school. The previous two years I was a second-grade teacher. This year I was hired as a K-3 reading interventionist, but two weeks before teachers returned I was sent to a training on dyslexia instruction. I also found out that the 4-9 interventionist was moved to ESL. I was under the impression I would be part of a team, but come to find out I am completely on my own.

    3 weeks in and I met with our principal yesterday. He is new to our school and a first-year principal. I was explaining to him what I had in mind for the "program" this year (we have no reading intervention curriculum, so I am pulling resources from various sources). We disagreed on several things - he didn't like that I had grouped a 3rd grade non-reader with my emergent readers, some groups aren't completely full yet, etc. I told him my reasoning behind my groups and why I didn't think it was best practice to be necessarily grouping all students based on their grade level. I also told him that although there are several groups that might only have 4 students, these groups would be filling up quickly as students' BoY test scores come in and more teachers refer students to me, not to mention those students who are not showing progress in Tier II.

    Another point of contention was the fact that I had allowed myself a bit more planning time, simply because (and I explained this to him) my dyslexia instruction takes a LONG time to plan. It's actually been my main point of focus and I feel like I am more a dyslexia instructor than a reading interventionist. I know next to nothing about dyslexia therapy aside from the week-long training I received. It was also never in my contract that I would be providing dyselxia services and I honestly feel a bit duped by being thrown into this role. By the way, prior to me providing services, these students apparently were receiving nothing!

    He didn't seem to like the fact that I was only providing RTI services to K-3 students, but I explained to him that it was an administrative decision to move the 4-9 interventionist to ESL and that reading intervention did not include dyslexia until this year. I basically told him I needed more support if he wanted me to expand my RTI services to include more grade levels.

    I left our meeting feeling as if he were under the impression that I was not doing my part for my students (which hurt more than anything) and he gave me a deadline to have all of my groups at capacity. I was once again at school until 8:00 last night, but I didn't finish everything so I am going back up to work this afternoon.

    I woke up in a terrible mood this morning. I am new to this/these positions and want to make sure I am doing the right thing. Am I crazy for wanting more support? Am I being overly dramatic with my concerns? :dizzy:
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    Your not crazy, expecting you to be a reading interventionist for grades K-9 is crazy. There isn't a lot I can tell you. If you do have up to 9th grade usually the older kids you can make mixed groups from 3-5 or 6-8. Although it didn't sound like he liked the idea of mixed grouping. I just wouldn't put a kindergartener with a 3rd grader. Principals never seem to understand the need for planning time it seems like the preparation part of teaching they have forgotten about. Good luck I hope it works out.

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