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Discussion in 'Special Education' started by hdmeza, Aug 1, 2007.

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    Aug 1, 2007

    I just picked up my roster!!!

    girl OI and SI (suspected MR) 1st grade
    girl OHI 4th grade
    boy AU SI (w/ Behavior plan) 3rd grade
    boy SI MD OHI AI DB (with private nurse) kinder
    boy AU SI 3rd grade
    boy MR ST 2nd grade (transfer, no detailed records yet)

    Where do I begin??????

    Half spend at least part of the day in Gen ed, and the highes level read sight words and write first name.

    I have to do not only Langauge arts and math, but also SS and science as well as personal/self help skills.

    SS and science with no individual reading or writing abilities and many struggles w/ recall!!!

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    Aug 1, 2007

    Lots and lots of pictures and hands-on.
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    Aug 5, 2007

    Science can be health and hygiene, weather, nutrition....life skills kind of things. For some fun, check out Steve Spangler's science site. He has units using "Rainbow Fish" and some other books.

    Social studies can be a study of your community, citizenship, and we've even done things like learning the pledge, national anthem, etc. Another fun activity is the "Flat Stanley" project....have you heard of that one?

    I agree with Upsadaisy, lots of pictures and hands on. Good luck!
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    Aug 5, 2007


    I was in a similiar classroom last year, except it was self-contained and they would all go to enrichment (music, art, etc.), adaptive p.e., special events at the school, and one would go to recess and social living with his class. They were grades 1-3, but we used the kindergarten curriculum. Some could read a few basic sight words. We weren't able to really use all of that curriculum because it was too difficult. So, it was typical of a 1st year preschool room. Of course, sometimes they would leave the room for speech or the ot or pt person would be in the room to work on skills. We would just work around that.

    We had a morning calendar time. We would go over: the actual day, date, and month, (we had a calendar helper put the number(s) on for us),days of the week (we would use a song as well as the printed word), months of the year (also a song and the printed words), the weather (we sang, "What's the Weather?" and had a helper check it for us) We would discover the "helper jobs" that everyone had. (They would recognize everyone's name.) We'd cover shapes, numbers, a letter of the alphabet and the sound it made. They would all write the letter on the easel.

    We would have a social living skill. The teacher had a Mr. Potato Head and we would go over body parts. She would take off a part like a nose and say, "Poor Potato Head, he has no _____ (and wait for a response), he can't ______
    (wait for a response) smell!

    It was a time for sharing, too. Maybe some lost a tooth or had an exciting weekend. Sometimes, it was also a time to review classroom rules.

    It was now time for Music and Movement. We had 2 video tapes. One with Scott Baio and one called Chicken Fat. We also had music tapes and cd's to use and instruments and bean bags to accompany.

    Then we would move to handwriting. We would have them work on the letter of the day. Then, they would do something like trace their name or put the letters of their name in order. We kept a ziploc bag in their desk with their letters in it. And a few more things, too.

    We would then use math or science manipulatives. They did no math or science on paper.

    Then it was recess for our class only. We would have the run of the playground.

    Lunchtime. We had a lunch card helper that took the lunch cards to the cafeteria. (the favorite job)

    It was then shared reading time. The kids would all have their own copies of the books. One boy liked to eat his books, so there was an aide to assist with the book. We would also have the kids act out the stories in class. They loved it. Their favorites were, "Who's in the Shed?" and "The 3 Bears".

    The next hour was spent with 3 kids in their homerooms and 3 in the classroom for 30 minutes and then they would switch. One boy stayed with his class after his enrichment. This was the time when we would have kids read sight words, play games, artwork.

    After everyone was back from enrichment. It was snack time. (another favorite)

    Then it was time to listen to books on tape. It may be a letter book or a story.

    We would then review our behavior chart for the day and if they met the goal would get to pick out a good day prize. A piece of candy, or maybe a Happy Meal Toy, or a whistle straw.

    Sometimes, we would find a lesson wasn't working and we quickly adapted.

    This was just a snapshot of what we did during the year. There were so many wonderful and authentic lessons that were taught.

    It was a great experience and I miss those kids. I had to move to another state because my husband's in the military. I get updates from their teacher. I called the classroom on their last day of school to talk to each of them. They start school next week, so I can't wait to hear how their summer was.

    I hope this helped a little. I was just an aide in the classroom, not the actual teacher. I just went through the alternative certification program this summer and have passed my Texes EC-4 and SPED exams. So, I hope to have my own group soon.

    Take care,


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