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    Click here for Ellen B. Aquino's Online Guestbook


    Aquino, Ellen B.
    Webster: Suddenly, as a result of a motor vehicle accident on Sat., June 16, 2007, age 25. She leaves her parents, John and Lauri Aquino; twin sister, Kate; grandparents, Barbara and Lucius Hall, Lois Aquino; great-great aunt, Ann Bennett; aunts and uncles, Mark (Gail) Hall, Beth Hall, Todd (Luisa) Hall and Donna (Steve) Tedesco; 5 cousins, Thomas and James Hall, Kara, Daniel and Monica Tedesco; many friends. Ellen was a Webster High School class of 2000 graduate and a 2004 graduate of Daemen College, where she was also a master's degree candidate.
    Friends are invited to her Memorial Service, 11:00 A.M. Sat. at Webster Presbyterian Church, 550 Webster Rd., Webster. Memorials may be directed to Camp Haccamo, P.O. Box 25177, Rochester, NY 14625. Arr: Willard H. Scott Funeral Home.
    Published in the Rochester Democrat And Chronicle from 6/21/2007 - 6/22/2007.
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