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    Sep 16, 2016

    I am a brand new preschool teacher. I taught preschool in highschool program (13 years ago). I have a degree in elementary ed. I have been a stay at home mom though and getting this posistion was not originally in the works but kind of fell into my lap. Anyway- I am SO new, and my assistant that they assigned me is brand new as well (just graduated highschool). We are three weeks into school and still having some serious growing pains. One of our biggest issues is in the morning. We are housed inside the elementary school (although we are actually seperate) We meet our students and parents at one of the entrance doors. Parents sign in their student and we take them in.

    We have 2 students that arrive via bus. The bus is often late and we are left waiting with 17+ squirrely 3 and 4 year olds. We are just starting to learn some fingerplays and songs, but can only get up to a minute or so of them.

    I am looking for some advise in entertaining and engaging the students while we are waiting for the bus. I often have all the parents still hanging around and I get a bit of 'stage fright' so I feel like I need to be more prepared.

    Also, any advice at this point to help with the separation anxiety issues? I am having to drag in a crier, 2 runners and a bunch of busy young 3's while my assistant waits on the bus.

    for the separation anxiety kids. Would it be appropriate to bring out a few luvies for them to hold as parent leaves? Any special games to engage students to distract the ones with separation anxiety and to entertain the ones getting antsy?

    Thank you!

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