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    Hi, all:
    I don't want to go into a lot of the backstory, but really need some advice as part of a decision making process. I am in the process of renewing my license and struggling with how to answer a question. Several years ago, I left a teaching position after I was accused of misusing county property. I resigned because I did not have the money to hire a lawyer to fight the allegations. My employment records (other than basic confirmation information [position, salary, step, dates of employment, etc.] for verification purposes are sealed. The last question on the renewal application asks if the renewal application has left while under investigation. If I assume that the DOE has access to my employment records (I don't know if they can or cannot see them), then I would have to answer yes. I have no idea how or if that would affect my application for renewal (it asks for additional information if answering "yes."). There was nothing criminal involved, nothing involving a student or another employee, and was merely an accusation. I am currently teaching at a private school, but I am soon attending a job fair in a neighboring district. Suppose, for instance, that I am offered a position that I accept. My license expires at the end of June. If I were to accept a new position in another public institution, but then not have my license renewed this summer as a result of that craziness, then I would be in a royally big mess [although I wouldn't leave the current position (assuming I were invited back for next year) until the license renewal process were complete]. That being said, if I were to not have my license renewed because of this, that would essentially mean I would not be able to return to the public school system at all. Any thoughts? Thank you.

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