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Discussion in 'Preschool' started by Teacheskidz, Nov 2, 2008.

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    Nov 2, 2008

    I just took over a preschool class of 40 3-5 yr olds. They haven't had a teacher the past month and a half so now I'm pulling out my hair to get the room organized, get to know all the kids and establish routines. Plus my assistant fell and hurt her knee 2 days before I started and she has been out all week! I'm overwhelmed and I need some help with the planning to make my life easier right now.
    These are the November themes they gave me to teach, but I haven't had any time to plan anything in advance. I need ideas for a forest animal theme, family theme, homes around the world, senses: smell and taste. I'm also looking for a good cooking project for this month and art activities/projects


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    Nov 2, 2008

    Wow, that is a lot of pressure.

    I would just start by trying to find out who the children are and what their interests are. VannaPK has a great site that she links people to all the time here. She would have a ton of information on the getting to know you septemeber stuff.

    Then for your november theme's I would go light. Since you are really running September and Nov at the same time. Your recipe will give you smell and taste-so make it something you can taste ingredients of or something that smells as you add ingredients (berries or cinnimon or something). Your family theme could be tied into the cooking theme by asking everyone for their best reciepe - and having them help w/ some sort of fest at the end of the month. Same w/houses. Lots of reading as you are building up speed to get to asking for food for your class.

    That leaves forest and animals. Now I am out of ideas. "getting to know you" september lessons took me to family and food for your nov lessons but I can't quite get forest in there. hmmmm. I'll keep thinking.
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    Nov 2, 2008

    I'm getting ready to start leaf (Ll) Week. The leaves are just now starting to change in Oklahoma. I know this isn't on your list.... but it might get you started with the forest. The Mailbox has some animal suggestions, if your school has old issues.

    We are going to hit some science and math. For second 9 weeks, they have to have an awareness of properties, observe and describe how objects move, classify/compare/contrast objects & events, AND use scientific tools. SO, we are going to try it with leaves. We will go on a leaf/nature walk to collect treasures. Sort and classify, look under a large magnifying glass. I have a new "machine" that will magnify and show it on the t.v. Hope it works...

    I also have to teach them to recognize numbers 0 - 5. I have some "silk" fall leaves and will count them out on large laminated leaves.

    They also have to know the letters in their names. They will glue leaves, acorns, berries, etc. on the letters of their names traced on large pieces of construction paper.

    For art AND reading, I have a piece of construction paper that says at the bottom "It used to be a leaf and now it is a _____." I will give them a die cut leaf to glue on and they will use crayons to change it into something else (I have an example of a red leaf that I've changed into a dog). Most of the kids change it into cars, flowers, or rockets, but sometimes I get something very creative. I will help them write what it is on the line if they can't.

    Hope this helps.

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