Lesson Plans for 1st Grade

Discussion in 'First Grade' started by gmer22, Jul 25, 2007.

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    Jul 25, 2007

    I know this is going to sound very dumb but I am going to be a first year teacher and have no idea how to make lesson plans....please help. I have the schedule of how I am going to break off the day and the rules and consequences but no lesson plans. Please help!!!

    This is the only thing I have up to now...:(

    Breakfast/Morning Work
    8:30-9:00 Spelling (M,W)
    Computer (T,TH)
    Library (F)
    9:00-9:15 Daily News
    9:15-10:00 P.E./Music/Conference
    10:10-10:50 Social Studies
    10:50-12:00 Reading
    12:00-12:35 Lunch
    12:35-12:45 Restroom Break
    12:45-1:00 Story time
    1:00-1:40 Reading
    1:40-2:35 Math
    2:35-3:15 Science
    3:15-3:30 Reading Vocabulary

    Classroom Rules
    1. Listen carefully.
    2. Work quietly and independently.
    3. Follow procedures and finish work on time.
    4. Be courteous.
    5. Respect school and personal property.
    6. Keep negative comments to yourself.
    7. Keep centers and cubbies clean.


    1. Warning
    2. Time out chair (3 min.)
    3. Slash mark on discipline chart
    4. Send note home or conference
    5. Invite parent to come in to spend day in class
    5. Send to principal’s office
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    Jul 25, 2007

    What about recess and writing instruction?? Or did I just miss it?
    This is my rough copy of my schedule for this year, subject to change, of course! ;)
    8:30 students arrive, seatwork, lunch count, attendance
    9:00 morning meeting
    9:20 Guided Reading/Literacy Workstations
    10:30 word work/spelling
    10:45 recess
    11:05 shared reading (mon-wed) content (thurs-fri)
    11:30 lunch
    12:00 writer's workshop
    12:30 math
    1:15 music, library, p.e., or computers
    2:15 reader's workshop
    2:45 recess
    3:05 read aloud/end of day wrap up

    For the rules, the first day or two the kids and I discuss and brainstorm good ways to be "Courteous and Safe". Then I take them home and tidy them up. ;)
    For discipline, I use combinations of things from Love and Logic to points for teams to my change a card system. It works for me.
    Are you wanting specific lessons for the first few days of school like introducing routines, etc. or are you talking about lessons for the whole year? You need to find out first if your school district has curriculum to follow. Then you also need to find out what your state and local standards are.
    You will find many good ideas and tips here!
    Good luck! :up:
  4. Starista

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    Jul 26, 2007

    My usual day ~

    7:00-7:55 ~ arrival (anytime w/in that time frame) children unpack and begin their morning journal. if finished early they may read, write or draw.

    7:55-8:05 ~ Pledge, Prayers, Announcements

    8:05-8:35 ~ Handwriting: Modeled on board, use of individual dry erase boards, usually followed by worksheet in Zaner-Bloser workbook

    8:35-9:45 ~ Whole group Phonics and Whole group Reading ~ we play word games, use of pocket charts and ABC cards, children use their individual ABC cards and "blenders" (which I make by folding construction paper 1/4 so that their ABC cards can make words) ~ We read the weekly story whole group, after 1st listening to it on tape ~ and then usually do a workbook page which reinforces either the phonics or reading (or both) skill. Often times we will do some sort of graphic organizer.

    9:45-10:50 ~ Math. Lesson is always begun with manipulatives (I'm blessed to have an abundant supply). Some instruction done whole group, others small group (depending on challenge of lesson). Always reinforced with a worksheet from either math book or math workbook. I plan to have a math journal this year where the children will write down the math words (more, less, greater than, less than, etc) that belong to each chapter. They can also use their math journals later in the year to make creative story problems, especially for addition and subtraction.

    10:50-11:00 ~ Lunch preparations: Use of magic soap (purell) and Prayers before meals.

    11:00-11:45 ~ Lunch/Recess

    11:45-12:00 ~ Water fountain. While I call by their numbers to get water, the children are writing down their nightly homework from the board. I used to have them do this 1st thing, but with the amount of tardy students ~ I found it better to do right after lunch. A nice down time activity as well.

    12:00-12:15 ~ Reading time. Either DEAR time or a teacher read-a-loud.

    12:15-12:45 ~ Religion. Usually whole group instruction on the carpet, often with a coloring page. :love:

    12:45-1:00 ~ Science or Social Studies (we do Science M&W, Social Studies T&R and Scholastic News newspaper on F).

    1:00-1:45 ~ Literacy centers. Between 29-31 children divided into 6 or 7 groups working and different literacy-related centers. Small groups reading basal readers, weekly story, or phonics activity at the back table w/ teacher. Assistant is rotating to make sure the children are "on task."

    1:45-2:15 ~ Specials (art, music, Spanish, PE, etc).

    2:15-2:35 ~ Prayers & Dismissal. If back early from special will read a seasonal story (this is especially fun at Christmastime).

    Whew! I didn't mean to get so detailed but this has helped me remember MY schedule and hope it will help you with yours.

    :hugs: :hugs: :love: :love:
  5. ranger1stgrd

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    Jul 26, 2007

    8:00-8:20 Breakfast, Morning work
    8:-20-8:35 Morning Meeting/Calendar
    8:35-9:15 Saxon Phonics/Spelling
    9:15-9:30 Recess
    9:30-10:40 Reading
    10:40-11:20 Lunch and Recess
    11:20-12:00 English/Writing/Storytime
    12:00-1:00 Saxon Math
    1:00-1:30 A.R.
    1:30-1:45 Social studies/science
    1:45-2:05 Recess
    2:05-3:05 Clean-up/Pull-Out (P.E., Music, Computers, Art, Library)
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    Jul 26, 2007

    Wow guys thanks so much....I can modify my schedule now. thanks a bunch
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    Jul 26, 2007

    Wow, Starista...you are there a long time. 7 1/2 hours, really?
  8. armygirl8894

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    Jul 26, 2007

    hey gmer22, I see you got a teaching job. That's awesome, good for you. Good luck this year:2up:
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    Aug 5, 2008

    I only have one formal lesson plan typed for first grade. It is for the book titled "The Quilt maker’s Gift." It is an excellent book about a selfish King and how he changes his ways, but does take a while to read so you may want to break the lesson into two days. I do not believe I can attach a file to this message but if you are interested PM me. It has all of the pieces you will need including a checklist and the words you may want to build background on.

    When planning I usually do not use a formal lesson plan with all the steps mapped out. I usually use a more general form that breaks down each period of the day and has the subject and time already there. That way I can use the same general form over and over and can pencil in what I wish to do that day and what standard it connects to.
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    Aug 5, 2008

    As for lesson plans, I hand write mine in a store bought book. Basically each lesson includes:

    Objective: SWBAT... (if your lesson has no set prupose then you shouldn't be doing it!)
    Lesson details: Maybe 2 sentences and I use a lot of abreviations. Ex- QPK on tress (question prior knowledge). Read and discusss________. Complete ________. Closure/Assess.: _________.

    I don't write a ton but I do want to be prapared if my P comes in for a stroll. Also, planning it out does help me to see what is esential and what I do not need to waste time on. Obviously there are going to be things that you must do in your district that you don't like, but you can usually find a meaningful purpose for it in some way.
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