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Discussion in 'First Grade' started by jenejoy, May 22, 2008.

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    May 22, 2008

    Do you make your own lesson plan book? If so would you please explain what format you use and why you like it? Maybe even email me an attachment if you have a template. I have been in Kinder and I use one page a day on cardstock because I take it everywhere with me as I check off my lessons. I make my own because i do not have to want to write out standards everytime (I just cirlce the number the refers to the standard I'm teaching).
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    Lesson Plans

    Huh, apparently I can't make attachments. Too bad. Mine is in Word, and I like it because I can adjust it easily. I like the box format because it is easy to write in. I keep mine in a binder. I have two pages for the week. I have three columns on each page, one for each day of the week, plus a column where I put student service times, important meetings, center plans, and my to do list.

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