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    Hello, all!
    I am a first year 7th grade social studies teacher. This year, I have had a routine for my students: vocab, guided notes (answering interactive student notebook questions in between each section) and a hands-on activity after the lecture. The students and I both liked this routine at first, but now I feel it's getting a bit stale. I try to make the slideshow during lecture more engaging by including pictures and videos, but I'm losing them.

    I've tried to just have them get the information themselves, but I fear that they are not learning the information on the same level as if I were just giving it to them. Does anyone have any suggestions on ways that I could have the students be in control of their own learning, but them also getting the most out of it.

    Thank you!
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    Depending on how your guided notes are set up, slowly start taking out supports until they get a basic outline only and have to fill in the details themselves. If your school could handle it, think about trying a flipped classroom, or just try out a flipped lesson or two.

    To mix it up, add in fun facts or information on how kids their age lived or what role they had. Try using primary source documents as well. There are several newspaper archives online that are free or through databases your school might already have access to. If your kids can do it, have them write. They're old enough to start DBQs or do more creative writing like a fictional journal entry or newspaper account of an event. It might be cool to follow local history with national, or follow film/music/sports/whatever in the time you're teaching. That just led me to think of a different project you could try, where your class writes a newspaper for the period and different kids write different sections of the paper; local, international, entertainment, sports, money etc.
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    Maybe you could present your lecture in the form of a research project. In other words, you give your students the topic of what your lecture would be about and have them research the topic to complete a research project or essay. Essentially, with your guidance, the students teach themselves.
    For example, if you are teaching about the constitution, the students could research the constitution and rewrite it in their own words.
    Another example could be for maps. Your students could look into maps of a certain area and demonstrate their understanding by constructing a clay model.
    And if you want to teach about the Preamble, the students could sing the song.
    You could assign a webquest assignment.
    Of course, you can not eliminate the note taking element. However, have you ever considered having them create their own notes outlines.
    I love technology-based assignments and project-based assignments. I use these methods of assessments often, since it is fun with a twist of being educational.

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