Learners with Behavioural Problems

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    Sep 14, 2006

    Hi all teachers and parents

    I am a teacher and UNISA psychology of education postgraduate student researching the selection and evaluation of audio-visual media for supporting Learners with behavioural problems (LBP). I would like to invite your participation in my online internet focus group discussion on this topic.

    1. Eligibility – Your comments are invited if you are a teacher or parent or otherwise interested adult.
    2. School childrens’ comments, if offered, should please be identified as such.
    3. Please describe / give some indication of your name / status / occupation / school / city and country of residence / age / gender / etc. This will help in evaluation of data.
    4. If you wish to remain anonymous, please give at least geographical location and minimal other information, as applicable.
    5. This Internet focus group / webblog is intended to run for at least +-1 to 2 months, after which all comments offered will be evaluated for research purposes.

    • The main question is : How can teachers and parents evaluate and select audio-visual media for supporting learners with behavioural problems (LBP) ?
    • I would like to narrow the research down to an evaluation of audio-visual media; including video, TV, radio and the web
    • I would like to focus on secondary school learners – specific age group (13 – 19)
    • Your comments on audio-visual media programmes supporting strategies for handling the following specific problems would be appreciated :

    - lack of concentration and impulsive behaviour
    - depression
    - social isolation
    - unwanted pregnancies
    - drug and alcohol abuse
    - truancy
    - leaving school early
    - juvenile delinquency
    - underachievement

    Essentially : Comments / recommendations as to what you, in your experience have found to be suitable supporting audio-visual media would be appreciated; ie: such aspects as :

    • Title of web site, radio, video, TV programme
    • Why is the program suitable ?
    • What aspects of the program support assistance to LBP’s ?
    • Any audio-visual programme you would not recommend ?
    • Open comments on the subject for further discussion

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