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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Rebecca1122, Jun 3, 2014.

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    At my school our reading groups are layered between the teachers, meaning one teacher gets the high one gets the medium and one gets the low. We stay in these layered groups for our entire reading block (phonics/reading only, not writers workshop). We had a resource teacher to take a small group of very low but we will not have that next year. My team is trying a little different structure next year and my group will consist of the highest high kids and the lowest low. So about 75% high kids and 25% very low (enough for one small group).

    Any guidance on how to structure my lessons and time so I am meeting the needs of both sets of kids? I use Daily 5/Cafe. I know this May seem second nature to some of you but I have really only taught in these layered groups outside of student teaching. I have different needs and small groups in my current group but my kids were all basically on the same level. I just don't want to disservice either group of children. Any advice is welcome!

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