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    I am teaching summer school for a few kids in kindergarten as a reveiw session weekly. We have review time, and cirle time, as usual. But each week, I want to do a new themed unit. This week was worms. I gave each child some soil, and a redworm along with a night crawler and had them look at them through a magnifying glass and we wrote down descriptions of each, and compared them to see what they had in common and what not. Then, we made a worm "sleeping bag." We put our 2 worms into a plastic bag with food like potatoes, carrotts, and coffee grounds, and folded a peice of black construction paper in half and stapled it. Then, we put the bag in the paper. And finally, we made dirt pudding and stuck gummy worms in them. Things like this, that are fun and educational, I would appreciate. I was just wanting to know some interesting and fun themed units for Kindergarten/1'st graders. Thanks! :)
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    rocket, cowboy, ice cream in a bag.

    One of our classes the last week of school made rockets. The students loved the project. Rockets were made with film canisters. Alka Seltzer Rockets Use one Fuji film canister - the kind where the lid fits inside the canister. The others don't work. Make a cone and decorate your film canister. Fill the film canister 1/2 full of warm water. The warmer the water the higher the rocket goes. Drop in fourth of a Alka Seitzer tablet --no more. Put canister on a hard surface lid down. Sodium bicarbonate will make the canister launch. We got free used canisters from Wal-mart and one hour developing shops. Cowboys -- Make vest from brown grocery bags. Cut down the side to the bottom of the sack, cut a hole in the center of the bottom for the neck, on the sides next to the bottom cut circles for the arms and decorate. Roast hot-dogs and serve pork and beans. Serve on silver plates and silver cups. Make a paper horse head (double) and stick a candy cane in it for a stick horse.
    ½ cup cold whole milk ---OR for richer ice cream use
    ¼ cup cold whole milk and ¼ cup whipping cream.
    1 Tablespoon sugar
    1/16 teaspoon salt
    ¼ teaspoon vanilla
    Place sugar in a pint size zip lock bag, add milk colder
    the better and vanilla.
    Remove as much air as possible (air in the bag will pop
    it open) Double seal the bag with duck tape. Put pint
    size bag in a gallon bag with crushed ice and ¾ cup rock
    salt. Wear gloves = gets very cold. Knead – Roll back
    and forth. Enjoy ice cream in 5 minutes. Delicious. If
    you want chocolate chip ice cream add a few chocolate
    chips when you put the ice cream in a bowl.
    E-mail me and I'll share my butterfly ideas. Petunia in Kansas

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