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Discussion in 'General Education' started by pabef, Mar 22, 2021.

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    I am posting here because the preschool
    forum isn’t very active. My boss wants me to do a kindergarten “boot camp” for the kids headed to kindergarten this fall. Our program uses centers and play to learn activities. We want them to transition easily. I have some students who struggle to sit very long, even with flexible seating. I do a shorter circle time and come back to the circle later in the morning. Should I try to do a longer circle? Table work? What suggestions do you have?
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    Not a kindergarten teacher, but I’ll bump this and maybe someone else will add more. :) I teach upper elementary but do have experience with lower grades. I’d focus on these things:
    • How to walk in line
    • How to raise your hand
    • How to sit on the carpet with your hands on your lap
    • How to read and write your name
    • How to watch and listen when the teacher gives directions
    I don’t think you can specifically teach attention span, but working on those things above will help build attention span.
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    I have been a kindergarten teacher for 15 years. What works wonders for me is to literally model EVERY behavior you want to see. Even behaviors you don’t want to see. Many of these kids have no idea how a students is supposed to look. So I model
    how to sit nicely on the rug and how to NOT sit nicely. I model how to line up nicely and how to NOT line up nicely. I model how to play with toys and how we do NOT play with toys. I have to act like an unruly student so they can see the difference. I also put pictures up of students behaving well and students who are not behaving well.

    I think doing a circle time at the beginning and end of class is a good idea. At the beginning you can do calendar time, share time with fun movement songs. Praise the heck out of kids who are sitting nicely. Like really lay it on thick lol. Try to lengthen the circle time every week or so by 5 minutes until you get the results you want. Play lots of songs. I highly recommend HeidiSongs (google it) for teaching the basics with song. I’ve been using her for 10 years. At the end of the day, you can recap what you have learned and have kids share their favorite part of the day or something fun they did with a friend at recess or during class.
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