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Discussion in 'High School' started by MathLadyC, Jul 20, 2016.

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    Hello! I will be teaching/student teaching beginning Aug 4th and I was looking for guidance. I have a BA in Mathematics and went to school for Sec Ed. I changed to Math prior to completing my final semester of student teaching. Next week I report to my school for keys and new teacher workshops. I feel a little out of the loop. The school isn't telling students that I'm not a teacher, yet. My classes are going to be my classes when they offer a contract in Jan. I needed 2 more credit hours of classroom instruction for licensure, so that's what I/we are doing (and this grants me a second bachelors degree in Dec). I won't have a mentor teacher the way a student teacher does, my mentor teacher has a connecting classroom and will have the same class schedule. The department chair told me to tell students that ask that I came from out of state and not to let them know I'm student teaching/new teacher. Honestly, I'm just a little overwhelmed about what to do the first week of school and the not content related stuff! Ha. Do I need to make a syllabus? What about parent open house? Is someone going to help me with fire drills? Am I thinking about things that don't matter? I love social learning theory but my mentor teacher does not. She has been teaching longer than I've been alive, should I mimic her and forget about the learning theories I used before?

    If you made it this far, thank you! Tl;dr I would just like some guidance that isn't about content. I haven't been in an actual classroom in 6 years.
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    You will want to start out the year setting the tone for your class. Right now you should be looking at the class expectations of other high school teachers and decide what yours should be, as well as your own classroom discipline plan (something you can stick with). Review the school discipline plan in the student code of conduct. I include these expectations on my opening document, which also includes my grading plan, AND the Units of Study (nothing specific). If I know of a major project the students will do I will put that on, but no due dates.

    If you can get into your classroom early, go and look at it. Decide where you want things to be. Is there going to be a turn in file for each class? or one place that you will clear out each period? Is there a space for student supplies that will keep them from taking things from your desk? I have a side table for students that has tape, pencil sharpener, stapler, etc. What other resources do you have (overhead projector, smartboard, elmo?) so you can start to think about lesson planning.

    As for drills: Check and see if there is an emergency procedure book/binder/document for teachers. Every school I have worked at have had something like this.

    Good Luck this year!
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    Get in contact with your mentor who isn't a mentor. Find out what her syllabus looks like, how she runs her classes, procedures you should know, etc. That is what would happen if you were student teaching, and you would be wise to do this now. You will have plenty of time to set the tone, tweak everything to make this your own. You NEED to be secure that you know/have these basics, that it isn't sink or swim. You have a resource - use it.

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