Just wanted to tell of something funny..

Discussion in 'General Education' started by mandagap06, Jul 19, 2008.

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    Just wanted to tell of something funny I do with young kids when I sub maybe (k-2nd grade no older). When I read them a book I replace the name of the person/animal in the story with one of there names. I do it when they are talking or bothering others to get there attention, but I also do it to add humor to the story. When they hear there name they think it is soooo funny and I do too. Some have said " I have heard this story and I am not in it". I joke and say well whoever read it to you read it wrong. At the end of the story I explain that they were not really in the book but they love it and many will say" Am I in the story too?" I will say I don't know ask " and I will say the name of someone in the class who "was in" the story. What do you think of this do you like it? I don't always do it. Especially if It is something they are going to be graded on andI know it then I don't do that since they may need to know the real names from the story.
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    I do something similar with my 3-5 year olds. When reading a familiar story I change some of the words and act very surprised when I am corrected. It started when they were a little antsy one day, and now they beg me to "read it silly".

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