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    Been busy. I start the 18th. This will be my first year and I'm teaching 9th, 11th, and 12th grade at a small, rural school. With my 9th graders, I'm starting each day with a bellringer: grammar, lit terms, vocabulary, quick writes, and SSR time. I have nothing like that planned for my 11th or 12th graders mostly because they are honors and my class periods are only 43 minutes long. My brother mentioned back when he took honors they wrote every morning and then chose one piece on Friday to turn into a polished piece by Monday. That might work.

    Anyway, my real question is about vocab. When I student taught, we used a vocab book and would assign the students the words. They would make flashcards, play a few review games, and then take a test. I might do that and just use words from each reading piece or writing unit we are doing. Im also toying with assigning words, studying, and then doing a vocab. challenge like: use these words in your next Quickwrite! before quizzing. All I know is I definitely want my 11th and 12 th graders to study vocab. related to their readings. I wondered how others do this. I like to have everything planned out in my syllabus so: students will have a vocab quiz every xxx. Can you explain to me your vocab schedules or how you teach vocab?
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    I teach SAT vocab that my students can use to discuss and write about whatever we're currently reading. For example, during Beowulf they'll have patriarch, malevolent, tout...Hrothgar is the patriarch of the Danes, but the malevolent Grendel is laying waste to his kingdom; Beowulf touts his ability to defeat the monster. I have a written response on tests in which they have to use a number of words from the unit, and I incorporate them into multiple choice questions.

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