Job Victory in NJ + Question for International Teachers

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by houseofbooks, Jul 9, 2014.

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    Hey guys!

    I recently got a job in central/northern NJ. For those who don't know about my little state, finding a tenure-track position is no picnic for English/LA teachers. Very oversaturated. There are many teachers with experience vying for the same positions as new teachers, and this atmosphere doesn't exactly create a great environment for job hunters. My self-esteem has taken quite a beating. However, I know I'm lucky compared to most of my peers. For last two years, I have filled four maternity leave positions (giving me about 15 months experience) and completed my provisional year (yay standard license!). This most recent job is also a leave position but unlike my previous jobs, I will (finally!) teach the entire school year. I am thrilled to have another year of experience under my belt even though my friends/family desperately want me to find a "permanent" position.

    With that said... Although NJ is known for its great public education system, I honestly don't think I want to teach here forever. The current educational reform and our governor's anti-teacher policies have hit the morale of our state, and going to work occasionally drags me down because it feels like many of my co-workers have "given up."

    In 2012, I asked international teachers about their experiences teaching overseas, and have been doing quite a bit of research in my spare time. I love, love, love to travel. It's seriously my life except teaching. Obviously, international teaching intrigues me. So I wanted to ask a couple questions for teachers who have worked in an international school. (Note: when I say "international school," I do NOT mean TEFL/language schools. I'm talking about schools specifically for expat children. These schools have English/American/IB curriculums and hire only licensed teachers. :) Just to clarify.)

    • Would my longterm positions count toward the 2 year teaching requirement that most "real" international schools require? Not to sound mean, but I have been performing the same responsibilities (creating assessments, lesson plans, attending workshops, etc) as "regular" teachers except with less pay and no benefits. However, I'm not sure if schools would simply dismiss my work history as "subbing" and not fulltime teaching experience.
    • Are job fairs worth it? ISS/Search/Uni? I know a lot of people who use Skype/TIE/Joyjobs for interviews, and I don't know if attending a job fair is a wise choice for a new international teacher.
    • How do you break into IB schools without IB experience? Is that even possible? Haha.
    • Are for-profit schools that awful? I have read some horror stories about for-profit schools that abuse new teachers. How can I avoid this situation?

    THANK YOU! Sorry for such a long post! :p I can't WAIT to teach the entire year!

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