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    Jul 3, 2007

    Okay it's time to ask the WI teachers, or those with WI school district knowledge....

    I'm looking for a "right" job in WI. My strengths are working with diverse populations, I have some limited Spanish speaking, reading, writing skills, currently I teach in Houston, I am able to establish rapport with Hispanic families (partly because of my cultural upbrining as well), and I enjoy teaching in extremely diverse enviroments (I actually, almost thrive on it). I don't want to lose the opportunity to grow my Spanish speaking skills-- so...

    So here is my question: What districts or specific schools in WI have a large Hispanic or even African American population? What areas of WI are growing quickly in diversity? Of course Madison and Milwaukee will be general responses, but if someone can give me some more insight, specifics, and possibly more options that would be great.

    And also, if there is a community that does not neccessarily have a large Hispanic student population, but there are communities with large Hispanic/Latino migrant worker populations I would welcome that information as well.

    Also, are there other education postions in WI outside of the public school systems that my teaching experience with diverse populations could be put to use?

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