Job predicament. Need advice.

Discussion in 'General Education' started by Birdie86, May 8, 2018.

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    I’m currently teaching a grade I love in a district I love and tried hard to get into. My fiancé and I moved out of the city and into a town nearby, so of course, I want to be a little bit closer to home as my commute is about 1hr. I put in for a transfer within my district for my dream school which happens to shave about 25 mins off my drive, but also applied for the new district I now live in because it’s super close. The new district also has a great reputation but pays less, and my current one pays above average which is nice. However, I also very much dislike the school I’m at right now and want to leave if I can.

    I got to meet with admin from my dream school I want to transfer to and there isn’t anything available at the moment but there MAY be an opening in a few weeks. Admin liked me and told me they’d keep in touch.

    I have an interview on Thursday with the other district for a brand new campus they need to staff. I emailed this principal several weeks back hoping to get an interview and this was before I was able to meet with my dream school.

    I’m stuck because ideally I want to transfer to my dream school, but that’s a risk since I won’t know if there’s anything for a few weeks, and I have this other interview this week. If they offer me the position and I take it, I could potentially miss out on something from my dream school. If I don’t accept it, I run the risk of staying where I am if something doesn’t happen with my dream school.

    Any advice? If I get an offer this week would it be ok to ask for a day or two? It’s not nearly long enough considering I’d need a few weeks, but if I accept yet don’t sign for a few weeks, is it ok to go back and decline if something else pops up?
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    I noticed that you referred to your "dream school" six times. Some schools may appear to be more attractive than others, but I've learned that things are not always what they appear to be - it's easy for an outsider to be deceived. Schools are also prone to change - not for the better, but for the worse - especially when there is a change of administrators. What may seem to be a "dream school" today can quickly become a "nightmare school" tomorrow.

    Your employment situation is not unique to General Education - it could just as well be your "dream company" or "dream hospital" or "dream franchise". You might be better off consulting with an employment forum for the generic advice that you seek. Such decisions should be based on what you and your fiance consider to be most important. That's just my opinion.
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    A bird in the hand?

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