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    Jul 9, 2006

    Hi I teach pre-k at a jewish preschool. I am looking for websites or books with good theme projects for the holidays. Any ideas?
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    I worked at our local JCC for 9 years, I have a bunch of stuff I could pass on. I'll see if I can find some of the websites I used, but I mostly complied them all into Word files that I'd print out as each holiday came along. :)

    The books I have are:

    Jewish Holiday Crafts for Little Hands by Ruth Esrig Brinn
    An Artist You Don't Have to Be! by Joann Magnus
    Hands On! Teacher Made Games for Jewish Early Childhood Settings by Barbara Gundleger
    Fast, Clean and Cheap by Simon Kops
    Hanukkah, Happy Hanukkah by Jeff O'Hare

    Some websites: (Links to anywhere else pretty much!)
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    Jul 9, 2006

    Here's my Rosh Hashanah info:

    Happy New Year, Beni by Jane Breskin Zalben
    On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur by Cathy Goldberg Fishman
    Red, Blue and Yellow Yarn: A Tale of Forgiveness by Miriam Kosman
    Rosh Hashanah: A Family Service by Judith Z. Abrams
    A Rosh Hashanah Walk by Carol Levin
    Sammy Spider's First Rosh Hashanah by Sylvia Rouss
    Selichot: A Family Service by Judith Z. Abrams
    Sound the Shofar! by Leslie Kimmelman
    The Ten Little Rabbis Celebrate the High Holidays by David Sokoloff
    The World's Birthday by Barbara Diamond Goldin

    Rosh Hashanah Is Here (Tune of Hickory, Dickory Dock)
    Rosh Hashanah is here
    It is the Jewish New Year
    We blow the shofar, so all can hear
    Shanah Tovah-A Good New Year!

    3 Juicy Apples (Tune of Baa, Baa Black Sheep)
    Three little apples hanging on a tree.
    Shiny, juicy, waiting for me.
    Here I come, shake, shake, shake.
    Down come apples for me to take.
    I'll wash them well, then I can eat.
    Apples for a Rosh Hashanah treat.

    Five Little Shofars (count on fingers or make a magnet story out of this)
    5 little shofars in a row.
    The first one said, "I'm hard to blow."
    The second one said, "My sound is low."
    The third one said, "I'm the best you know."
    The fourth one said, "That's really not so."
    The fifth on said, "I've got to go."
    Five little shofars in a row.
    Five little shofars blow, blow, blow!

    Apple and Honey Prints:
    Give each child a hexagon shape (symbolizing bee hive) and yellow paint to make prints on their paper. Next, make prints by dipping apple halves cut in half lengthwise into red paint. If you hint to the children to ‘dip’ part of their apple prints into the honey prints, children may observe color mixing. OR Use hexagon pattern blocks and yellow paint to form hives, let dry. Add thumbprint bees.

    Beeswax Sculpting:
    Provide pliable sheets of beeswax for the children to mold into shapes.

    Honey Paint:
    Drizzle mixture of yellow paint and glue for a sticky texture.

    Various Ideas:
    Plastic hexagon canvases for lacing / painting
    Rubber stamps of bees, flowers, hives, apples

    Apple and Honey Decoupage Plate:
    Find CLEAR or Light Transparent Color Hard Plastic Plates (The kind you could clean in the Dishwasher). Cut up LOTS AND LOTS of small squares of multicolored Tissue paper or Cellophane. Have Children Decoupage the BOTTOM (back side, not the side you'd eat on) of them WITH LARGE BRUSHES and Modge Podge. When dry, Hot glue a hard CLEAR Plastic drink cup to the center. Use a DUPLICATE cup to put honey into (so you don't have to do any more than WIPE DOWN the plate when finished...) Also... Spray back when done with Clear Acrylic Gloss (remember to do in a well ventilated area...)

    Round Challah Cover:
    What you need: Large round paper doily colored paper Scissors, glue, crayons or markers
    Children: 1. Cut a circle the same size as the doily out of colored paper. Glue the doily onto the circle. 2. Cut out Rosh Hashana designs from different colored paper and glue them on the doily.

    Silver Kiddush Cup:
    What you need: Three papre or plastic cups, all same size Foil Decorating scraps (colored paper, felt, macaroni, etc.) Glue or tape. Children: 1. Glue or tape the bottoms of 2 cups together. Cover them with foil. Make designs out of the scraps and glue them on. 2. Put the 3rd cup inside to hold "wine".

    New Year Cards:
    What you need: colored tissue paper colored construction paper glue, scissors. Children: 1. Cut a rectangle from construction paper and fold intop thirds, lengthwise. Unfold. Fold the bottom third back underneath the middle section. 2. Draw a shofar, an apple, or other Rosh Hashanah symbol in the center of the middle section. Do not let it reach the edges. Punch a hole in the center of your drawing, and cut out the shape from the bottom and middle sections at the same time. 3. Turn the card over and unfold. Paste strips of colored tissue paper to cover all the cut-out space in the middle section. Put glue on the edges of the bottom section and fold it up over the middle section. 4. Now write a New Year message on the card. Shanah Tovah!!!

    Apple & Honey Dish:
    You need: Large paper plate Small paper plate Muffin cup Crayons, paints, decorating scraps Scissors, glue Apples and Honey. Have children: 1. Make pretty designs around the edge of the larger plate. Glue the small paper plate onto the larger plate. 2. Glue a muffin cup in the center of the smaller plate. Pour honey into it. Put apple slices around it and enjoy a sweet holiday treat!

    Apple Honey Dish:
    Cut a racquetball so you can have a lid. Cover the entire ball with red sculpey add a stem and leaf to the lid. Make sure you make a flat place for it to stand. Bake according to the directions. Line with tinfoil and use to hold honey to dip your apples.

    Yom Tov Challah:
    Bake a round challah…sample other round breads: pita, bagel, roll, etc. Does the shape make it taste different?

    Apple and Honey Tray:
    Paint a paper plate red. Dry and add a leaf. Glue a small plastic cup in the middle for the honey.

    Cut two tagboard cut-outs that look like rams’ horns. Have children decorate them with tissue paper or construction paper squares. Staple them to either side of a toilet paper roll.

    Apple and Bee Hangers:
    Give each child a paper lunch bag and stuff it with newspaper. Paint the bag the apple color of his/her choice. Tie a two-foot length of green yarn to hold the top closed and a leaf can be glued on here as well. Have each child trace a bee shape onto yellow construction paper. Cut out the bees then paint on black stripes with Q-tips. Glue on wax paper wing shapes. When bee is dry, glue it onto the apple.

    Honey Jars:
    Draw, or have children trace, the outline of a honey jar on a manila folder. The bottom of the jar should be on the fold of the folder, so the jar will have a front and back when "opened". Have children cut out the jar, leaving the fold uncut. When jar is cut, have children open it and paint the inside with honey. Then they close the jar. They can then open and close the "honey jar" repeatedly and listen to the really fun sound it makes as it is opened and closed. The outside of the jar can be decorated before or after the honey is painted inside. When you send them home, make sure to put them in a ziploc bag before putting them in tote bags, as they can be sticky and messy. The kids and parents love opening and closing the jars over and over again.
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    Mitzvah Notes

    We do a Shabbat celebration every Friday. Even though it's not technically shabbat yet it delivers a sense of meaning to the children. Challah and juice is the Friday snack, and the Cantor comes and sings to the children.

    We also don't do Halloween.. by eliminating Halloween it brings more fun and festivity to Purim.

    We make Israeli flags out of construction paper on Israeli Independence Day (May 3rd this year).

    We also have a "Mitzvah Box" where we encourage the parents to write good deeds the children have done and put the notes in the box, which we share during Circle Time. I guess we're not the only ones because I just found a Mitzvah Note here at this site which are really cute:

    .. I guess I am not allowed to post links but it is www

    And if you are ambitious enough, build a sukkah together as a class. For preschoolers just have the frame and then use old sheets for the "walls" that the preschoolers can decorate with handprints, etc.
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    Oh wow! I've been looking for other Jewish teachers to talk to for ages!! is a site with a lot of stuff on it, should be great.
    For good clip art of Jewish themes, get the books by Esky Cook, she has GORGEOUS stuff. You can buy the CD-Rom as well, although pictures copied from the book come out much better.

    Rosh Hashana Songs:

    Dip the apple (tto: Clementine)

    Dip the apple, in the honey,
    Make a Bracha loud and clear
    L'shana Tova Umesuka,
    Have a happy, sweet new year!

    We make a honey dish to go with that song.

    I'll look up more in my files at home! I'd be glad to give you more!

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    The best books about Jewish holidays are the Artscroll series Bina & Benny and Chaggai Hayona books, about the different holidays. this link will get you to all books by Yaffa Ganz, among them are the Holiday series. browse here to find a lot of really good books, including The Little Great series about biblical charachters when they were young. This site is also good if you want books in different languages, although I can't figure out from the site how to order them. Here you can also find a lot of really good books, including coloring books for kids. I don't know if you can make copies though. for Hebrew Alphabet workbooks. more good books!

    If I think of any more, I'll let you know!

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