introduction ideas for three class novels?

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by teachertime, Sep 10, 2007.

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    I will begin three new class novels for 3rd grade- Circle of Gold, 4th grade -SuperFudge, and 5/6th grade-Sacrifice soon. Any good ideas for introductions to these books?

    Sacrifice is about a young Crow indian girl who is destined to become the Great One, but she isn't at the beginning of the story. She becomes a captive to the Pawnee tribe. It's a coming of age story.

    I have also posted a thread to each of the grades for help. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks.
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    I tried something this year that will work with any novel and also introduces prediction skills, my kids loved it. It is called the surprise book. You tell the students that you are going to start a new novel study and that it is a surprise. THen you take the book out (it is wrapped up in paper) and you have them guess what the book is after you take a few guesses you have the students take turns tearing a small piece of the paper off and after each tear make predictions. When I was all done with this activity and we knew what it was we wrote in our prediction journals what we thought the story would be about. When they guessed books I would prompt them to tell me why they thought it was that book. Some answers they gave were the color of the book, how thick the book was, and the first two letters are the same. No one was able to guess the book until we tore off about 60% of the paper on the title.

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