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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Touchthefuture, Sep 30, 2008.

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    Sep 30, 2008

    I did some searches on the forum but did not get what i was lloking for regarding Interwrite Pads. For those of you that have some experience with these, can you answer some questions:
    1. What subjects do you mainly use them for?
    2. Are there some easy ways to start using them?
    3. Do you let the kids use them? What is best method for this? (I tried this once so far and it took a long time)
    4. Are there any other resources on the web other than the Interwrite website for lessons? I am looking for elementary grades

    The novices await your expertise... Thanks!
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    Oct 1, 2008

    Hey there. I teach at a Technology Magnet school and we have interwrite tabs in all the classrooms.

    1. I use them for DOL, Geography, and math mainly.
    2. The best way to start is to just experiment. Laugh at yourself when you mess up. It's good to let the kids see you learning a new tool. Plus they're so excited by it, they're quite forgiving. Once you start using it regularly it will feel less akward.
    3. I do not let the kids use it. So I can't help you here. We also have a smart board in our tech lab and I do allow them to use that. The first day I just let them play with it, to get that initial "want to touch it" out of their system.
    4. I am unsure about websites.

    I hope I was some help. Good Luck!

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