Interviewing in a Small Town

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by kt_bug, Mar 4, 2018.

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    Hello! New here, but I've been lurking for a few days.

    Today I received an email from the woman in HR I've been corresponding with at my target district inviting me for an interview this week. Naturally, I'm thrilled and accepted, but I'm also very unsure about what to expect, as this is my first teaching interview ever. The interview will be with the principal (and I would expect others, although her email simply said, "P would like to interview you on xxxx..." Now here's where the small town comes into play. The principal was my principal when I graduated four years ago. He knows me well and really likes me. He asked me to come back while I was in college to talk to the students in an assembly but never actually set it up. When he heard I was getting my credential, he expressed that he wanted me to come back and teach at my old high school. My father is the School Resource Officer for the high school and knows all of the admin and one of my younger brothers is currently a student there. My mother also works in the district and is known by the HR people, although not necessarily known well by the principal.

    I'm assuming that the correct approach to this interview is to approach it completely professionally like any other interview and take my cues from the principal if he wants to make it less formal and more conversational, etc. What I'm really looking for is advice or anecdotes from anyone who has interviewed at the school they went to with their old principal or anyone who has interviewed with people who know them/their family well. How did it go? Was it awkward? Was it more formal or more conversational? Anything you would recommend - or discourage? I know it's no guarantee of what's going to happen in my interview, just looking for any experiences or advice people are willing to share. Thanks in advance!
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