interview tomorrow- nerves setting in!

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by jenngugs, Jul 2, 2007.

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    I could use some advice-- I have an interview tomorrow for a high school english position. i have spent the last few months as a long term sub in another district teaching 9th and 11th grade english. i have a certificate of eligibility, and no student teaching experience. the long term sub exp. was my first time ever in a classroom, and it was successful... there are so few jobs right now in the south jersey area and competition is fierce. i know that there are fully credentialed teachers applying for the same position i am. i am fully prepared to explain why i would be a better choice than a fully certified teacher, but i wanted to hear what you guys thought? do you think they are any advantages to hiring a CE candidate as opposed to a CEAS?

    thanks so much!
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    I am 25 minutes south of you! I, too, have the CEs only- elem and elem. sped. I have sent out 100 resumes and had only a small amount of interviews.

    Here is what I advise you to do:

    Do not worry about the fact that you only have a CE. They called you in for the interview and you have had classroom experience. I have only had a handful of interviews, but I can tell you this: NOT one of those interviewers had a problem with the alternate route because I have good experience. They want to know you can teach AND THEY WANT TO KNOW YOU WILL FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THE AR CLASSES. My friend did this, NOT a big deal, but the schools want to know you will fulfill the requirements.

    As you know NJ is all about politics when it comes to teaching. Who you know gets you the job most of the time. My friend got a HS English job with "only" a CE because her mom taught at the school. I know someone who also did so with Elem., the worst field. So, that is why the CE does not matter really!

    You and I are in 2 of the most flooded areas here. The fact that you got a call is awesome! Knock their socks off. If you want to PM me and we can talk, go ahead, OK? I have had interviews with a few districts, mostly south of me and some private schools.


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