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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by CCinIL, Apr 30, 2012.

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    So tomorrow I have an interview for a foreign language teaching job in Chicago. It's my second interview in 2 weeks. The last one I thought went really well, and one of the interviewers walked me out and made it sound like I had the job... 3 days later I got a form rejection letter. Not really sure what happened, maybe someone higher up already had a person in mind? I have re-analyzed my answers, and all I can think of is that maybe I sounded over-rehearsed, since it was my first ever teaching interview and I had practiced all of the questions.

    So any general tips for how to nail this one? I really really really want this to go well, since despite sending in 30+ other applications for open positions, I haven't gotten any other calls. Right now I've got:
    -Portfolio with relevant docs and a few interesting lesson/unit plans
    -Prepared answers to 50+ common interview questions
    -Researched the school/district in great detail

    If anyone has any general tips about how to sound prepared (but not scripted), be relaxed, follow up appropriately etc, I would really appreciate it. I would REALLY love this job.
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    Be careful about those prepared answers. You're right-- they're easy to spot a mile away.

    You need to be yourself. The whole point of the interview is to let the real you shine through. You're convinced that you're the person they're looking for, right??? So let those factors that make you the right candidate shine through. Don't be afraid to smile, to admit when you're unsure of something, or to have a small laugh at your own expense. It's not the answers they're looking at, it's the person giving the answers.
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    I agree with Aliceacc all the way. I have interviewed the same, more or less, over the years and some jobs I have got and others I have not. I remember my first few interviews I tried to give 'canned' answers and it didn't go well. In the end, be yourself and give it your best. NEVER take a rejection personally. Nine times our of ten the rejection had something to do with something you couldn't control (an internal hire, the principal had a favorite candidate in mind, nepotism, wanted someone new, wanted someone with experience, etc).
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    If you're actually interviewing in CPS - principals are just now getting their budgets and it has been a rough year on the district. I wouldn't take it personally.

    I would advise doing as much research as possible on the district, school, neighborhood/community etc.

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