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    I wanted to thank those who helped with my previous post on some interview questions.
    I had a first round interview this morning for a special education position. Overall, it was one of my better interviews (compared to my old ones). I still let nerves take over and screwed up a few things--as usual I'm going be hard on myself and not get my hopes up for a 2nd round interview...but I can always dream. They will let those who made the 2nd round know within 48 hours.
    Here are the questions they asked me:
    1. Tell us about yourself--your education/experiences related to this job
    2. How do you handle all of the paper work as a special education teacher?
    3. How do you work with regular education teachers in regards to students you are working with?
    4. How do you handle a student who is frustrated with academic work?
    5. Tell us about a time you hand to handle a very difficult student with behavior.
    ---I'm pretty sure these were it.
    Hope this helps someone! =)
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