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    Hi All!
    I am being asked to interview a teacher, but given the current situation that is extremely difficult. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to answer the questions below regarding your personal experience at your teaching position. I would greatly appreciate it!

    What type of school do you teach in (high school, middle school, etc.)?
    How long have you been teaching?
    What subject(s) do you teach?
    What setting is your school in (urban, suburban, rural, etc.)?
    How has your classroom changed over time in regards to equitable practices?
    What ways do you make your classroom more equitable?
    Does your school address equity in the classroom? Through PDE, policies, or otherwise?
    Did equity in the classroom alter your search for a job? Was this a part of your interview?
    How did you address educational equity and social justice in your interview?
    What advice would you give MAT students about how to create educational equity in the classroom?
    What do you do for students who are going through a gender transition but aren’t “out” yet?
    Do you think there are different forms of equity in the classroom depending on who is in your classroom?
    Is there a balance to be struck with teaching equitably: keeping high expectations of each student while considering their situation and how it might affect their performance in class?
    When gaps in your own understanding of equity are brought up, how do you deal with it in the moment?

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