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    Thought it was about time to start one of these. I had a 25 minute interview for a high school ELA position today with the principal, vice principal, and department chair. This is what I can remember (out of order):

    1. Tell me about yourself and the experiences you have that qualify you to be a teacher.
    2. What is your classroom management/discipline strategy?
    3. How do you teach the writing process?
    4. How much do you teach and practice grammar and punctuation?
    5. What do you believe your biggest challenge will be transitioning from being a student here to being a teacher? (My old high school)
    6. What strategies do you use to ensure that your ELs can access curriculum?
    7. Talk me through what a lesson would look like in your class in a 90 minute period from beginning to end.
    8. What is your familiarity with Common Core?
    9. What grade levels/courses are you willing to teach?
    10. If we offered you the position right now, would you take it?

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