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    I am curious if anyone can tell me if its possible to work in field at the grade level you want to teach as a parapro and use that job as your internship class that is required through college for an Early Education diploma?
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    I think it varies by school and state. I live in California and went through National University and was NOT able to do this. I I highly doubt your Paraprofessional experience will count for your practicum hours. But check with your school.
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    While there may be some rare exceptions, in general, the answer is no. A) It's uncommon to have paraprofessionals assigned to a single grade level in general education, let alone assigned to a single classroom. Most paraprofessionals work with various grade levels and classrooms and typically with special education students. B) Professionals don't have the same responsibilities as teachers, which means that you wouldn't have the experience you need to gain from the internship/student teaching.
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