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    Hello Teachers, I took the plunge two years ago to teach overseas. After working in centers I landed a job at an international school teaching History. It's great but I am finding out there are other opportunities out there that pay a lot better if they are with certain schools, and those schools require different licenses and credentials. I'm trying to find out more info to see what others have done. The Nord Anglia schools and others require an education degree or a teaching license. I'm not sure which is best. I'm looking into two programs now: TeachNow which offers a license but not a degree - it's like an alternative path. It offers it for DC or Arizona, but you can show it overseas and impress recruiters. I'm also looking into an M. Ed. from Fitchburg State, which is about double the price but still cheap ($13,000) for two years. I'd like to one day work as a principal. I'm curious what experience others have had with international schools and any advice. Thanks so much!

    I should add that I taught at a private school before moving here and have a bachelors in History but not an Education degree currently.

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