Instructional assistant interview tips?

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  1. Jan 1, 2020

    I have an interview for an instructional assistant position tomorrow and was wondering what sort of questions would be asked and that I should prepare for.

    Also, I have a teaching certification and the only reason I am pursuing this job is for the experience and a foot in the door, so I can eventually get a job as a social studies teacher. How do I make that sound better because I know they will ask “why do you what this job?”

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    1. I'd be prepared for: Why are you applying for an assistant job when you are a certified teacher? Be honest in your answer, but spin it towards you are wanting to show that you are a team player, quick to learn, and able to follow direction. Also, that you have a strong desire to be a part of the school.
    Show interest in their school and programs. ( If you are in a strong union state, they won't be able to ask you this question. They will all want to know the answer though. So if you can weave it in there somehow, you might want to.) I fully understand "hard to get in districts" and chances are, they KNOW too. They could just ask: Why are you the best applicant for this job?
    I read above wrong and assumed you said you wanted to coach when you actually said you wanted to be a SS teacher. Can you coach? If you can, make it known as that is a huge asset for many schools.
    If you have a strong union there, they have to ask candidates the same Q's, I think. 2. Be prepared to tell about whatever program (s) they use for the assistant job. Most assistants here use computerized programs. If you know them, it gives you points. :)
    I was on the interview committee for yrs, and we used to ask, 3. "What was the last book you read?" 4. Be prepared for situational Q's like : What would you do if, _____________. (An example: Some kid flew off the handle and cussed you out?) If you don't know what they want to hear, assure them you would follow protocol. We used real situations that happened in our school that were bizarre.
    5. What do you do in your free time? Things most places like to hear: working out, volunteering, self care, reading, your hobbies, and more. Also, if you want to joke a little , you can throw in there that you make mean gourmet ______ sometimes. ( Pot luck lovers are sometimes on those committees.) You can gage what they'd eat by: if mostly are physically fit or if most are a bit heavier. :) Brownies or Protein Shakes...
    6. They used to ask what is your greatest strength and weakness. I think everybody hates to ask/ answer those questions. 7. What do you know about their behavior program? ( I think PBIS and Trauma Informed are the most used now...(not sure)

    XXXXXX Don't get nervous because usually the 1st thing they ask is : Tell us about yourself. If the job is truly open, I think you can win here. Relax, and realize they are checking out your personality more than anything. Come across as calm, kind, hard working,
    cooperative, cheerful, and a learner. If you are young, or really techie, this is a huge plus in "hard to get into" districts. Teachers on the hiring committee ( often older) usually love anyone who is techie, kind, and helpful too.
    I wish you the best of luck! Relax and do your best! It is hard to tell what will be asked. The craziest Q's I ever got was , " If you were an animal (and then fabric), what would you be and why? lol
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