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    Oct 3, 2021

    Dear teachers,
    We are currently in the process of creating an innovative, non-academic education startup. With a whole team of researchers: neuroscientists, psychologists, professors etc. we will develop innovative learning methodologies, in accordance with the functioning of our brain.

    They will be intended for an adult audience wishing to learn on their own. This is addressed to people who, having been in difficulty/ failed at school, and who therefore underestimate themselves today, and limit their ambitions.

    We currently know that the human brain has some phenomenal abilities. However, it is not meant to embrace only one way of learning. Therefore, many students fail, despite immense potential.

    We would like to look further in the current school system, and your testimony and advice would be so valuable, to fully understand the issues, we are facing.

    Please take a few minutes to answer this questionnaire you can choose to remain anonymous.

    If you are interested, we can communicate the progress of the project and the methodologies developed via email.

    Thank you very much

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