Initiating group activities with 2 year olds!

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    My class is quite specific, its a class of fifteen 2 yearolds in Italy but it's run like an English class with the idea being they learn English at the same time as their own language, therefore no Italian allowed on my behalf! The problem is there's only me and my assistant and as we've only just started the children still don't understand a word I say! I have the usual play centers and sensory trays etc and at the minute me and my assistant just walk around the room making sure everything is going smoothly and playing alongside the children. But even getting just a few of them to participate in short activities such as dancing, singing, storytime is impossible! If i manage to get three to sit down or come to the same area of the classroom that's already a success but getting them to join in with anything is proving difficult. Any ideas on attention grabbing activities or ways of 'rounding up' a few of them at a a time?? I know at this age they are very young but the parents are very demanding so I'd like to at least attempt to have more of a structure than just playing.

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